Unique finds on craigslist have a larger sense of urgency than most. When a clean title and a the perfect mid 80's project bike pops up, urgency takes over, calls are made, and somewhat rash decisions become the case.  Loading up the van and double checking; quadruple checking is standard procedure when leaving for a road trip, but an impromptu trek to Amarillo from Houston couldn't have less care when filling bags with  the camp gear you need or think you need.  If you don't have it, you'll find out when you need it. Food and beer tends to be the case in that situation.

After the first hour the excitement of what we'd encounter wears off and the need to get to the destination in time to set up camp becomes priority. We have a nine hour drive, we were going to get to Caprock Canyon State Park blanketed in darkness. Pulling into camp in pitch black is always nerve-racking, especially coming to the realization that you are the only campers for the next few miles and maybe the park itself. With a last minute check of the forecast, the temperatures were dropping to crisp 30 degrees and a high chance of snow through out the night. Hands were going numb and the fire was taking longer to light than expected due to our damp firewood. The logs finally sparked and warmed our hands and feet. That night we couldn't help, but imagine what we would wake up to in the morning.

To be continued...

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