Reserve Supply Company

is a men’s store offering a unique mix of products including clothing, footwear and accessories that all represent quality design and craftsmanship. Reserve Supply Company takes its style cues from a lifetime of influences including music, art, skateboarding, workwear, and early motorcycle culture.


Reserve Products & Partnerships



Mark Smalley

He first surfed at 13 years old, and it kicked off the pursuit of waves that led him to shape his own boards that are tailor-made for the Galveston conditions. Mark Smalley is the (above average) local surfer that has created Small Craft Surfboards.

Derrell Boson

Reserve contributor Derrell Boson is an artist in every sense. His cameras are his creative tools. Humble by nature, he lets his work speak for itself. An old soul with a youngblood spirit he is the epitome of a Renaissance man.