When we picked up the Honda 350r everything went smoothly until we had to travel 20 miles south to get a title transfer from the previous owner. With the thought of the long drive back to Houston this was out of the way and an undesired pit stop.

            We knocked on the door and a man by the name of Don answered the door and told us to come around back to the garage where we could sign the papers. When we came to the pretty standard garage we opened the door and immediately were taken aback. Walls were covered with long forgotten relics of the past and there were more motorcycles than we could count. It turns out Don was a collector of motorcycles and items from his past. He had motorcycles ranging from Triumphs, Harleys, Hondas, and even a complete stock Indian from 1946 that looked like it just came off the lot aside from a thin layer of dust. There was plenty of other memorabilia from ceramic signs to RCA dog’s to blues and rock posters. (He was a retired mechanic that specialized in the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey and worked on a the harley sportster in the show Then Came Bronson in the late 60’s.) Don instantly became a friend and was excited for our restoration endeavour with the 350r. What started as an unintended detour became the crowning event tying everything together.

            It was time to hit the road after a few hours of hanging out and swapping stories, mostly listening to Don’s as his were far more interesting than what we had to add. Needless to say it was great to make a new friend with such a wealth of knowledge as Don had.

And to think all the trip was supposed to be was a simple craigslist trade. Now we come back with new friends and a hell of a lot of inspiration.

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