Bell has finally answered the question we have all asked for years now. When will you make a new helmet that pays tribute to the old style Bell Star full face helmet? Acknowledging the past, combined with a new design, Bell gives us the Bullitt.

The Bullitt will be available to purchase this March at Reserve Supply Company. We recently had a chance to examine this sample at the store. This helmet embodies both form and function. The venting on this helmet is subtle, sleek, and effective. Everything you need and nothing you don't. The visor can be changed out to a bubble visor or removed completely. The leather interior is plush and decadent. This helmet will be available in the flat black seen here, and also in gloss black, gloss vintage white, gloss bright white, and blue metal flake. The Bell Bullitt retail price is $399.

If you are interested in pre ordering one of these helmets please contact the store at 713.750.9582 or email

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