Each motorcycle is unique in its own way. Some bikes are set up to go fast. Some are set up to use on road, and some are set up to use off road. Some motorcycles can do both. Some are for racing and some for cruising. Some motorcycles are so unique they are almost unrecognizable. No matter how different, every motorcycle has a soul and personality. The folks at Revival Cycle know how to curate an eclectic mix of unique motorcycles that are pleasing to a broad spectrum of motorcycle fanatics. It is called The Handbuilt Show and takes place in Austin, Texas.

The weekend long event is free to the public and happens the same weekend as the Moto Grand Prix races at Circuit of The Americas. As if a custom motorcycle show and Grand Prix racing weren't enough for the uber motorcycle enthusiast the guys at Revival have commissioned riders from The American Motor Drome Co. to ride their machines on the Wall of Death every hour on the hour. If you are remotely interested in Motorcycles we recommend The Hand Built Show. Again, job well done Revival Cycles!

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