1964 A65 Spiftfire Clubman BSA FOR SALE

We appreciate vintage motorcycles for their simplicity, design, and history. But this one has a little more soul to her. This bike was built in the 80’s by Jim Robertson and owner Dave Ferrato. What started as a simple trade amongst friends, a pair of Hi Point moto-cross boots for a vintage BSA gas tank, quickly ignited the gathering of NOS period parts for a 1964 A65 Spitfire Clubman BSA build.

In the mid 70’s, for a decade I was a witness to how it’s done. Long before Instagram, blogs, or even cell phones, these guys were riding, racing and building motorcycles in what would become the golden age of motorcycles. It has been a pleasure having these two guys as mentors in my own motorcycle endeavors. 


Engine - Rebuilt by Jim Robertson of British Bikes Limited from mostly NOS  A-65 parts. Transmission gears are street-friendly wide ratio rather than close ratio Spitfire racing box. Compression ratio 9.5 to 1 for easier starting. Engine has been started but has less than one hour running time.

Frame - is nickel/chrome plated.

Carburetors - Amal concentric carbs. Amal GP racing spec with remote float bowl and factory racing velocity stacks.

Livery - BSA Lightning small capacity racing style fuel tank with racing cap. Fenders are Spitfire spec. NOS polished Akront rims with stainless spokes assembled by Buchanan's. NOS tires and tubes. Thomaselli levers and throttle. Hand made tachometer mount. Custom chromoly fabricated and nickel plated rear set mounts with modern rear sets and linkage. NOS BSA Gold Star mufflers and stock BSA A-65 header pipes.

Asking price $12,000


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