There was a new kid in town. Liberty Fairs had it’s debut show in Las Vegas this week . One of the many shows that make up the Modern Assemblies Trade shows . Reserve Supply Company was present for this show and a few others happening in sin city. We behaved long enough to check out the wares from the usual suspects and saw some new items we will be introducing shortly this Fall and Winter season. We also looked into our crystal ball to see what was ahead for the Spring Summer 2014.
It’s always good to see friends we’ve met along the way. We had the opportunity to meet and make plenty of new friends. One of the most exciting things that took place this week was the raffle for a Deus Ex Machina custom motorcycle. Definitely the best bet in Vegas. The ante was one business card then lady luck took over for the drawing.
The winner of the custom 650 dirt tracker was Drew of Townes showroom. It was the day after his birthday that he won the keys to this Deus beaut. Just goes to show you it pays to put in work, even if it is on your birthday.

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