Blundstone 510s: Tasmanian Devils

The weather has kept a poker face for the most part but Fall is coming and although there are year round wearers, this is when you break out the boots. Reserve has kept Red Wings stocked and loaded since we opened but have decided to expand a bit going into Fall 18. Nestled next to the Iron Rangers and Blacksmiths, you will now find a pair of Blundstone 510s.



Blundstones started in Hobart, Tasmania in 1870 and its ownership has bounced around between a couple of Australian families over the years. In the rugged terrain that is Tasmania, Blundstones were the pair farmers and workers constantly reached for and depended on to last. The boots are made of 2.5 mm premium leather and have a beefed up Chelsea boot silhouette. The elastic sides and sturdy pull tabs make for an easy on and off that is quicker than lace-up boots. The soles are weatherproof rubber and lightweight with a comfort insole in every waterproof boot.



The 510s offer a light and comfortable option in the rotation. You buy boots because you want something that is durable, and can take a beating wherever you end up. Blundstones give you that while still remaining as light and comfortable as a sneaker. Recently one of our guys found himself the morning of a mountain hike without proper hiking boots. Blundstones were the only option for the late summer excursion up the Dale Ball Trails in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Six hours and a view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains later and the 510s had yet to slip, dampen or blister. Try a pair on in store or check them out online.




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