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Valentine's Day. As a kid you prepped the cards with candy or some special written message and yeah you were supposed to give one to the entire class, but there was always the certain peer you made sure had the best of the lot. You took more care in crafting their card or added some extra candy on to it and it was their reaction you were most excited to see. The sentiment stays the same as you get older and Reserve has whatever your guy may want to receive on Valentine's Day. Our picks are an upgrade from candy and cards but you don't have to spend a lot to let someone know that you're thinking about them.


On the casual side of the spectrum there are a bunch of small gifts to choose from:

Are they hard to shop for? Guys always needs socks. They lose them, tear them and can't get enough of them. Stance socks come in fun designs with patterns and stripes, all the way to the Grateful Dead and Johnny Cash adorning them. They're also super comfortable, to where you'd actually comment on it.

Do they take notice of and appreciate curated spaces? TAIT designs offers some knick knacks that would go well in an office or studio. A perpetual calendar or balsa wood glider are throwbacks that are well designed and usable.

They like to have their nose in a book? We have publications and books that will pique most any interest. Iron and Air for the motocentrics and gearheads, and Men's File for the conscious dresser are good go-to magazines. We also have books on Design studios, A century old American jacket company, and the Beastie Boys book. All for around fifty bucks or less.





Middle of the road:

Do they like to be on the move and day tripping? Bags and blankets are a good bet for a guy that likes to be on the move and they want something that will hold up on their ventures. A red Topo Designs Day pack or Klettersack would do well on any of the listed occasions. They are made in Denver, Colorado and cold weather tested in the Rockies.

They want to up their digs? Get them a blanket. A blanket that they can throw on the couch, a  bed, or take with them when y'all go to a park to relax or discreetly day drink. Pendleton is another American business that has been dialing in their quality for almost 100 years and it shows in the colorfully designed blankets and towels that they make.

Watch Guy? The Timex Archive series create watches that are classically inspired with some modern modifications. They take cues from army field watches and aesthetics from years past to produce watches that are interesting enough to glance at with admiration instead of just checking the time.





"Going Steady":

You know him well enough and know their taste: You can upgrade their date attire with a pair of the RSC x Dickie's duck canvas pants. They come in a range of colors and can easily be dressed up or down. Maybe it's just the shoe game that needs some attention. Some Red Wings Weekender Chukka boots hit all the right notes. They are comfortable, durable and have a classic look to them that continues to go strong. Steve McQueen wears a pair of chukkas in the movie Bullitt and knew how to dress on and off set. Another staple accessory would be sunglasses. We carry Raen sunglasses in a variety of styles. Raen glasses have some classic design details to their glasses such as a key-hole bridge and classic shapes.



Red Wings Weekender Chukkas, Stance Socks, Timex Archives Watch


As an adult there is more to deal with and the pace picked up from when you were a kid to no fault of your own. There is work,  schedules, appointments, and maybe even kids that you have to keep up with now. Valentine's Day now may not include the cards and candy of childhood but that sentiment of showing affection and appreciation for someone remained intact. Doesn't matter if it is platonic, or romantic, just show some love on February 14.

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