Marshall is one of those brands that is immediately recognizable and injected with heritage. For over 55 years now the U.K. based company has been making amps that sought to blow out the competition and go louder than anything that was on the market back in 1963. The first amps were built with engineering that was ahead of its time and produced the "Marshall Crunch" signature sound. Their amps became the golden standard for acts like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, so much so that Hendrix had his road crew trained by Jim Marshall himself in case an amp needed repair on the road; Blue Oyster Cult references them in a couple of songs and Pete Townshend of The Who would request amps be made to the band's specific needs. Marshall stands out because it is a company molded by the Golden Age of Rock n Roll.

The perfect integration of sound and design has now branched out into the home. Recently Marshall began manufacturing Bluetooth Speakers for the home with the most advanced technology on the market. Their wide range of portable and in-home speakers seek to fit anybody's audio needs whether it is for on-the-go, to filling the living room, to sticking it to your neighbors that are also loud. For Holiday 2019 we are stocking several options of Marshall portable and in-home speakers: The Acton II, Kilburn II, and Stanmore II. This year, give the gift of disturbing the peace.


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