Fall Bike Night 2018 Recap


By 5:45p.m. the shop was ready to go. Jean Paul was set up in the back corner with records upon records, a pristine Reverberation collection intact. On one side of the register was the Sultana's Daughter pop-up shop with all of their collected turquoise and silver glory. Two coolers full of Saint Arnold's beers sat behind a table of stickers and koozies to keep their chill. It was 6:04 and like clockwork, three motorcycles pulled up and parked in front of the shop.


The Fall Bike Night was swinging now. Bikes lined up from Taylor Street all the way to Hemphill and even then, they wrapped around the block by Catalina Coffee.



The crowd wandered from machine to machine, admiring the kinetic art that hung on Washington Street for a limited time only, the traveling exhibition would be done by the end of the night.








We appreciate everyone that came out, and as always look forward to the next one.


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