The Fall Grooming Line-up


When it comes to grooming, men typically only deal with what is immediately noticeable. They usually have a favorite product that keeps their hair styled just how they want it, or a shaving cream they swear by and recommend to friends who are on the hunt for a closer shave. These are the main focuses because they are part of what goes into the daily appearance, but there is so much more that falls under the umbrella of men's grooming. Face wash with natural ingredients and a moisturizer with SPF are simple things that can have a superior effect on the body which is why we have decided to expand our own grooming selection horizons and add Jack Black products and Mayron Goods hand-cut soaps into the lineup.

Jack Black was founded in 2000 to fill a void in the men's grooming market. They noticed that women had such a wide array of big skincare brands to choose from but there were virtually zero options for men. The Texas based brand began making all natural, cruelty-free products that were easy to use and unfussy; no regimens or high priced 1 oz. bottles of a questionable substance, just better shaving and skin care products for guys. They soon amassed a loyal following of men looking to take a little better care of themselves and in 2015 launched their full line of products for hair, thus covering the entire gamut of men's grooming be it beard, face, hair,or body. All of their products are free of artificial fragrance, parabens, and sulfates which means they won't dry out your skin or hair with any harsh chemicals.

Mayron's Goods on the other hand went specific and specialized but like Jack Black, went the all natural route in their production. Their hand-cut soaps are made in the U.S. without any artificial dyes or fragrances. The soaps are made of natural ingredients and each is made to be beneficial in some particular way like combating oily skin or added eucalyptus for a bit of sinus relief. As with Jack Black, the natural ingredients ensure your skin will feel neither overly dry or oily after use.

Men's grooming is now a huge market and with that brings a lot of misinformation, hype, and sub-par options into the mix. Going beyond just the hair and beard does not have to be a daunting or even an expensive task, a principle that is shared by both Jack Black and Mayron Goods. The two brands domestically produce high quality goods with natural ingredients that we at Reserve Supply would use ourselves. Stop in and check out the new additions to our grooming collection and grab a free sample to try next time you're in.


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