Everyday Carry

The pocket knife gets passed down, misplaced, comes with a talk about safety when you're a kid, and most importantly a pocket knife gets used. They go past the single chore of cutting and become a tool that comes in handy the more you carry it and you start to wonder how you functioned without it. A knife you are toting around should not look like you are about to gut a fish or go full on Rambo and survive and defend in the mountains for a weekend. It should be a simple machine and it should look the part.

The James Brand sets out to "make less stuff and make that stuff better" . An ideal that founder Ryan Coulter has not deviated from since they released their first knife, the Chapter. The Portland, Oregon based company has only released five different knives since they began in 2012 and continue to adhere to their vision of utility and presentation. The knives are wholly minimal and well made. Coulter's background in industrial design is apparent in the design of their take-everywhere knife the "Elko". A 2.5 in closed length, screwdriver head, and bottle opener, make this knife an easy key companion that is billed as "minimal form, maximum utility." Members of the founding team all come from backgrounds in creative and design and the brand strives to make a product that is good but also offer a brand experience. There is detail in both the product and the packaging itself which elevates the James Brand and makes it a stand out for us.

For the 2018 holiday season we are excited to carry the meticulously crafted and minimalist James Brand. We will have three styles of their knives both in store and online, the Chapter, the County, and the Elko.






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