Levi's Vintage in Funky Kingston

From the 50's through the 70's Jamaicans that came through America were compiling all the sounds and sights they could get hold of. Records with R&B, soul, and jazz in their grooves and the threads of the youth that surrounded them. They took all of this with them and put their own spin on them to create their own ska, rock steady and eventual reggae music. They would have sound system parties that are now stories of legend, an emergence of style and music was happening that nobody could miss nor want to miss out on.



Levi's Vintage Clothing took inspiration from this scene that all culminated in the 1978 Jamaican movie "Rockers". The look blends vintage work and athletic wear along with more tailored clothing. They shot the looks in none other than funky Kingston itself for the authentic feel of their look book. The Levi's Vintage digs deep into their own archives for influence and enthusiasm to reproduce pieces that perfectly encapsulate the time and Reserve is always excited to see what the new LVC inspiration will be. We brought in a couple of pieces we were most excited about from the fall/winter collection and they do not disappoint. They deliver the rude boy vibration with authentic design and a contemporary look.

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