New Balance is the classic sneaker you reach for when you're looking for comfort. They aren't known to be showy and have steered away from the hyped up, quick strike drops that seem to define the current sneaker market/culture. They have relied on a well made, clean look that holds up and will go with most anything you pair with. The new M997PAL and M998AWK that just hit Reserve Supply Company are a deviation from almost all of this. The two are part of the "Made in the USA" lines which are assembled in one of five facilities in Maine and Massachusetts, with the majority of the materials being domestically sourced.

The M997PAL is the more subdued of the two in a black and beige color way with contrasting streaks. The monochromatic panels are mixed with an indigo tongue that is stamped with faded stars and a pink, patterned ankle color. The M998AWK are the ones we're most psyched about.  Earth tones, floral patterns, and neon yellow laces somehow come together perfectly on the classic silhouette, as if the creative team went on a desert run turned vision quest in 1969. Both pairs still have the super cushiony soles that New Balance is known for and the quality of the materials is all there. They are a bit unexpected for a New Balance traditionalist but it is exciting to see them veer a little left of their norm.

Check out the two below and shop them here








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