RSC Holiday Gift Guide 2018








Buying gifts is hard. Even if the person is easy to shop for it is still something that gets added on to your to-do list in the one month a year when your work and social calendar are exploding and everyone is saying "I'm so busy" in unison. The holidays are a crazy time for everyone. Reserve Supply wants to lighten the load. We have compiled our 2018 Holiday Gift guide that will streamline the process of getting a genuinely excited reaction come Christmas.

Determine whether you are going big or small with the gift and start from there. The shop has a variety of options for a variety of people. A gift for the coworker, nephew, all the way up to your father can be found in-store or online. Jackets, shop tees, and bags make up a solid chunk of what we have but there are also accessories to wear, or use, or have in the home. TAIT Designs, a design shop in Detroit, makes Balsa wood airplanes, yo-yos, and perpetual calendars that are well crafted with nostalgic charm. A publication like Iron and Air highlights the motor life of cars and cycles in different places around the world. A lot of the things we stock are not just items, they typically come with a conversation or a story behind them and a noteworthy gift is always more interesting to the recipient.

We have always tried to stay true to our influences while also providing an eclectic mix of brands and products that appeal to a wide array of people. The aim isn't to exclude anybody, nor is it to please everybody. Instead it is to perhaps turn people on to something new and share what is already known. Styles we have include classics like a Filson Original Briefcase and Schott N.Y.C.  leather jackets all the way to Life After Denim flannel button ups and Topo Design accessory bags. You can't beat the classics but you can expand and modernize them and we try to keep a mix of both. We are providing a spot you can walk into and knock out the big gift under the tree, the stocking stuffer, or the sentimental small gift. Stop by the shop or scope out potential gifts online. We are here to help make the most wonderful time of the year live up to its reputation.

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