Shorts: A Retrospect

From beaches and sports wear to AC/DC, everyone reaches for shorts in the summer time and they have unarguably been a part of the season's uniform for decades. The evolution has made shorts acceptable wares for anyone that is looking to get the air flowing below and not just for gym attire or an adolescent school uniform. They have changed their tune here and there but sometimes you just can't beat the classics. Here are some of  the greatest hits from their career.


The 60s Cut Offs


A Woodstock ticket in advance cost $18 which is the equivalent of $120 today and no way were they going to be dancing around and doing illicit activity in jeans. In a time of free love and anti-consumerism the DIY spirit of taking scissors to the knees of pants was the go to move for concert goers.


 The 70s Short Shorts



The central image of Magnum PI: Tom Selleck running around Oahu in the most laid back get-up you could possibly think of for a private investigator. His shorts stopped way above the knee and coupled with the walrus stache to make for a quinessential 70s theme. Skateboarding pioneer, Tony Alva, also was often photographed in them and used them while skating. This decade also saw the emergence of Vans as the preferred shoe for skateboarding and the first Alva designed Vans "Eras".




The 80s Skate and Surfs



The brand "Vision" started in the 70s but their Mad Rats nylon shorts started getting big in the 80s. The nylon shorts slid easier on concrete and were padded and had a skateboarding rat as their logo. 1984 was also the year "Jimmy Z" was started by surfer and artist Jimmy Ganzer. The most popular short was the EZ In/ EZ Out short that usually had surf-centric patterns printed on them. It took off with skateboarders and surfers because of its Velcro closure and the brand even sponsored Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi.




Older generations may have scoffed at the idea of grown men wearing shorts but they're ubiquitous in today's society, and for good reason. They are practical and necessary when the temperatures rise and you don't want to be stewing in denim in the middle of July and all you want is a breeze on the shins. You don't have to be skating bowls or chasing criminals to reap the benefits of them. You can just as well stay seated with a beer in hand and air it out for summer.

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