Staff Review: Timex Archives Navi Harbor Watch

The staff at Reserve Supply doesn't just sell products in the store, we actually wear and use them and we want to give firsthand accounts of stuff we're particularly psyched about and have used for some time. Here's a review written by Danny here at the shop.



I wore a watch all 4 years of college plus the extra fifth year because some things take time. Most peers relied solely on a phone screen for the time, along with any other bit of information needed, but it was nice to have something that is made to perform one particular function and perform it well. A little after graduation the band on my watch came undone after years of wear. The case fell, the face was shattered and I capitulated to the ways of my old classmates. I relied on my phone for the time for about a year until I realized how much my wrist missed the weight of a watch.

In looking for something with style that wouldn't clean out already low post-grad funds I found that the store had pretty solid options with Timex Archives. The Archives is a subdivision of the trusted American brand Timex. Headquartered in Milan, Timex Archives aims to make contemporary watches that can still "take a licking and keep on ticking". They produce all the bands for their watches in-house with ballistic nylon and weathered leathers to complement the cases. The Archives are not trying to replicate greatest hits from the past but instead reinterpret them with style and modernity for a daily beater that looks more expensive than it really is. The standout has been their Navi Harbor watch, and the one that I decided to pick up. At 38 mm the diver style watch is sleeker than most others while still hitting the classic stylistic points like the rotating dial and tick marks instead of numerals. It is a quartz movement that keeps time well and is relatively silent compared to other watches. The elapsed time numbers can be seen through a small hole in the hour hand which is a unique design detail and the band is a ballistic nylon strap; it's good for year round use but easily interchangeable.

Timex is a trusted name in time keeping and the Timex Archives series elevates the aesthetic of that name. Their watches look like they could be spotted in a classic movie or on the wrist of one of your friends at the bar on a Friday night. My Navi Harbor has been through a little over a year of wear, a couple of drops and corner dings, but continues to keep on ticking.

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