At one point in your life you were three feet long and did not know anything about anything. There was a man around the house, probably twice your size, that knew everything. He may have  taught you how to tie your shoes, or drive a car, or tied your tie for your high school graduation. Over the years as you grew he chipped away at the everything he knew and imparted it all unto you through advice, lessons, uncomfortable conversations and the occasional scolding. That man was dad. With Father's Day quickly approaching, we here at Reserve want to help you get the gift that says to him "thanks for the everything".
For a Day Tripper

The Stanley brand is over 100 years old and couples innovation with durability in all that they make. We have a selection of Stanley products that are built to last and keep up with whatever adventure your dad tends to find himself in on weekends. For example, an insulated water bottle with a quick release seal to keep hydrated if he's biking or hiking a trail. A vacuum sealed growler to keep things cold (and carbonated if the situation calls for it) if he prefers to turn the day trip into an overnighter and go camping instead. And arguably the most needed out of the bunch, a Stanley steel flask to stow the spirits and discreetly carry with him. Wherever he ends up, Stanley has the adventure goods.

For an Easy Reader

If he's more into a cup of coffee, records playing, and reading on a Sunday evening, we have the Reserve Library for you to browse. In store we have books and publications that range from design, histories of iconic brands, motorcycles and style. Surf Shacks is an apt summer read that showcases beach bungalows, and urban NYC apartments all influenced by the wave catching culture. The Men's File Magazine is a two for one bi-annual publication that introduces you to timeless style from people you might not have known were making them across the globe. It highlights shops and makers that are in the vein of old school Americana. For a lighter read we also have Iron and Air. A magazine that showcases unique bikes and the people that built them, along with trail tales of where these bikes have been in their lives.

Boot Care

If your dad is the kind of guy that constantly reiterated the importance of taking care of your tools or other things, then he would definitely appreciate a Red Wing boot care kit that you can easily assemble in store. We have leather conditioner, cleaner and boot brushes all from the brand that has been an authority on American boot making for over a hundred years. Throw all of these in a Filson dopp kit or Topo Designs accessory bag and dad has a boot care kit to keep his kicks conditioned and shining.

Dad Hats

Whether they were chasing kids around in the yard or simply didn't have the time to comb their mop, dads have been sporting stylish head gear way before they got the nod they deserved and the term "dad hat" was coined. Reserve Supply recently got a stock of new shop hats we designed that he'd appreciate. We did them up in a classic navy color with an adjustable leather strap, flat bill, and an unstructured crown for comfort . If he prefers a more dressed up look, there's our Moo-chila Toquilla hats in a hickory brown color. Moo-chila hand weaves these hats in Ecuador from the Toquilla palm fiber. Often referred to as Panama hats, these hand-woven straw hats actually originated in the coastal forests of Ecuador and became popular with workers building the Panama canal in the heat and humidity. If these hats could get them through that, then it'll get your old man through the summer heat waves with no problem.

You grew up into someone that your dad didn't see coming. All he could do was hope for the best and teach you everything he thought you would need to excel. The old universal lessons you hear from every dad: take care of your stuff, look someone in the eye when you speak, firm handshakes etc. At some point you realized that  the everything he taught you and all the "how to dos" culminated into a "how to be". Thank him for the everything.

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