Surfers can be romanticized as wandering nomads that are constantly on the move in search of a better beach or wave but at the end of the day they too need a place to lay their hats. Beach bungalow, cramped apartment, or minivan, there is a wide range of abodes surfers call home that are featured in Indoek's book "Surf Shacks: An eclectic compilation of creative surfers' homes from coast to coast and overseas".

Indoek, a surfcentric media platform that celebrates all things surf and creative, started featuring homes of surfers to add a regular installment to their blog. They didn't have to be professional surfers, they just had to love surfing and/or be doing something creative. These are not just homes that are decorated with surf gear and an Endless Summer poster hanging over a chair. The shacks range from modern architecture, to minivans but all of them radiate the passions of their inhabitants. The people featured are working in creative fields or doing other inspiring work so the interviews with them offer up some unique insights, anecdotes, and perspective. These features on the blog became so popular that Indoek decided to compile them into a book that has hundreds of pictures of these homes and a look into the lives that take place in them.

Dylan Graves, a Vans team rider, took a 2008 Dodge Sprinter and tricked it out with three beds and a little extra cargo space. At the time of his interview for the feature he had been on the road 42 days and had 7,300 miles on the journey meeting up with friend and surfing up and down the East Coast. Former pro-surfer Jon Rose lives a bi-coastal life while working with his organization Waves for Water. He splits his time Between NYC and Topanga Canyon in California using the former as a more pavement pounding work outpost and the latter as a Pacific getaway where he can remove himself from the bustle. His organization strives to bring clean water to those who need it around the globe, and the idea originally all started with a surf trip that turned into an epiphany.

With unique architecture, beaches and thoughtful design, "Surf Shacks" is the perfect summer read that will hold you over until you can get out to the waves yourself and ponder your own surf inspired shack or getaway. Stop by the shop to check out a copy or maybe pick one up as a gift here.


Photos by Matt Titone & Read McKendree via Indoek.

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