Father's Day 2019



It's true that everyday should be a day where you show love and appreciation to the man that made you and taught you everything they knew but let's be honest, life gets in the way. As you grow up there is more to do and more responsibility and the only reason you can handle it is because there was a man chipping away at your adolescent stubbornness and imparting all the wisdom he possibly could in the hope that he would make your life a little bit easier. It was inevitable that some lessons would have to be learned the hard way, that he could not protect you from everything, and that in some capacities he'd just have to watch you fall and help you get back up. It was a struggle for him too. They get the return on their investment of worry and wisdom when they see values instilled and character improved.

In truth its "Son's and Daughter's Day" everyday because even though they brought you to the other side of adolescence and into adulthood your father thinks about you constantly. Whether its worry, appreciation, or pride it is almost a guarantee that Fathers think about their kids at least every day. We get the luxury to pack that all into a Sunday in June and show the man full of wisdom how much we appreciate him. Reserve Supply would love to help you in finding something that will show some love this Father's Day. We are sure the store has something to offer any Dad no matter what their interests. Shop here.


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