Ingrained Old Skool Skate Swap Recap

A swap meet isn't just about haggling and trying to get old dusty antiques on the cheap, but instead rekindling a love and appreciation for something that may have been left in the past. That spark was very much aglow for our second Ingrained Old Skool Skate Swap. The feeling of skateboarding will generally stay the same but the instruments that facilitate the glide and carve have changed over time. Micheladas, Bloody Marys, and cold beers were sipped while sifting through old decks and hardware; boards made of plastic, wood, fiberglass, and wheels that went from steel, and clay to urethane. Transworld and Thrasher magazines in pristine plastic covers helped escort people back a couple of decades with old cover photos that still felt like they were hot off the presses, even if just for that morning. Pro model boards  from Lance Mountain, John Lucero and Mark Gonzalez garnered double takes as people passed and realized they were 80's originals and not reissues. Skateboarding is a huge part of Reserve Supply Company's DNA and to see our enthusiasm matched by every single person that came by made for a great Sunday morning here at 2205 Washington Ave. We will continue to jump at the chance to celebrate any of our favorite past times and are happy people are so willing to join us. Check out pics from the morning below.









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