The RSC Bike Build

Craigslist can be a real rabbit hole when dealing with anything that has a motor. Visions of the finished product already percolating when you scroll through machines that could use some heavy TLC; sometimes just a "I have time, why not?" browse turns into a spur of the moment decision you can rationalize after you go and pick up the new endeavor. When Reserve Supply was in the market for a fun project three years ago, we found ourselves in the thick of this familiar process. An 84 Honda XL350R was spotted during a brief scroll and we knew we had to act fast so as not to miss out on the opportunity. Calls were made, a road trip to Amarillo was enjoyed by Jordan and Matt, and the XL350R was in our hands before long.

The aim was to get a dual sport bike and keep it relatively stock but with some elevated details. We fabricated a new headlight bracket and updated the handlebars along with a new set of grips. The rear taillight and turn signals also needed some rewiring and we added new, beefier tires with a more aggressive tread. The front and rear fenders were changed up and a new speedometer was tacked on. The most unique detail was the one made to sit on. A custom-made new seat with Red Wing's Concrete Rough and Tough leather that a local upholstery shop put on for us.

The finished bike surpassed what was initially envisioned and taken on a couple of runs around town. It resided in the back corner of the store for only a couple of weeks before an offer to buy came in. We enjoyed refurbishing the XL350R to its former glory and though the actual ride time on it was short lived, the bike was sold. It could not have been finished without Reserve's friends that shared their know-how with Matt, Jordan, and Jason. Sometimes the urge to take on something new hits and you have to lean into the punch. The staff of Reserve highly recommends going down the rabbit hole of Craigslist. Who knows what you will reemerge with.

Check out the work in progress and finished product below.



The Before
















The After







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