Schott N.Y.C. Bike Night With Special Guest Carlos Hernandez


For us it has always been about design.  When given the opportunity to bring together art by one of our favorite Houston based artists Carlos Hernandez, motorcycles, and Schott N.Y.C. leather jackets we did not hesitate and started planning one of the most interesting bike nights the store has ever hosted.
Schott N.Y.C. has been making jackets for over a hundred years. This company was the first company to put a zipper on a jacket. Schott N.Y.C has a history of outer wear  that ranges from  the military, motorcyclist, to rock stars.

The iconic styles produced by hand for over 100 years have become infused in American culture. 

Artist Carlos Hernandez created a special graphic and hand painted the back of a Schott Cafecto style 603 jacket for our recent fall bike night. We decided to auction the hand painted jacket and donate the proceeds to Mayor Turner's hurricane relief fund given that Houston was in need of a helping hand post hurricane Harvey.

The creative energy was high during our fall bike night. It was the perfect combination of form and function. The one off hand painted jacket by Mr. Hernandez was front and center flanked by racks of new Fall Schott jacket styles. Bidding for the hand painted Schott began promptly at 6pm. Motorcycles of all makes and models lined the curb in front of the store as riders and on lookers mingled and appreciated each others company and machines.

Design, art, people, and creating is what drives us to do what we do. Thanks for being a part of that and supporting what we do. 

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