In 1972 Earl Beard took his severance pay, along with his wife's pension to start a business built on a foundation of hard work to create high grade, durable garments. After 40 years in the apparel industry, his vision continues to flourish in the name of Stan Ray.

The Stan Ray brand still operates out of Crocket, Texas, USA, named for Earl's youngest son, Stanley Ray Beard. The brand has managed to make Stan Ray a popular Texas export having just recently launched in Australia as well as tapping the Asian and European markets. Stan himself can usually be found overseeing production in the cutting room of the family owned factory that continues to churn out painters' pants, shorts and other work wear. They have created a following of those that appreciate style and aesthetic but won't compromise on function or quality.

As most brands outsource in order to keep cost down, Stan Ray stands out as a business that wants to remain hands on with what they engineer, build, and deliver. Reserve Supply Company is excited to bring their Texas made handiwork into the city as the only stockists in the Houston area. Stop by the store to check out their shorts, painters', and fatigue pants.

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